YAMANAKA Kazuko metal YAMANAKA Kazuko ceramics YAMANAKA Kazuko ceramics YAMANAKA Kazuko ceramics

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1966 Graduated from Seian College of Art & Design, Kyoto

Solo Exhibitions

2013 Seikado, Kyoto (’06, ’05, ’00)
Gallery Nishikawa, Kyoto (’02, ’95)
2006 Wacoal Art Space, Ginza
2004 Gallery Gallery EX, Kyoto
1998 Gallery Gallery, Kyoto, '02・'03
1991 Gallery 16, Kyoto
1990 Gallery Space 21, Tokyo
1989 Gallery Kimaira、Tokyo
1988 Gallery Muu, Kyoto
1986 Gallery Maronie, Kyoto,'98

Group Exhibitions

2010 Contemporary Kyoto: YAMANAKA Kazuko, MATSUNAGA Tomomi, TONISHI Ikuko
KEIKO Gallery, Boston MA
SOFA Chicago (’08 ’07,’04)
2008 SOFA New York, (’07, ’06)
Contemporary Japanese Jewelry, KEIKO Gallery, Boston
Seikado Gallery, Kyoto, (’05)
Group Show, London
2006 Gallery Nishikawa, Kyoto
Asian Art Fair (’04, ‘05)
2000 In Our Hands 'An International Competition', Nagoya
1999 World Craft Competition・ Kanazawa, Ishikawa
1998 Kyoto Geijutsusaiten" Kyo", kyoto
1997 TRACING PURPOSE International, USA
1996 Contemporary Textile, Tokyo
Itami Craft Competition, Hyogo
1994 Selected Artists exhibition, Hyogo
1993 Japan-Koria exchange artist exhibtion, Kyoto
1992 Sapporo Geijutsunomori Craf, Hikkaido 1985 Kyoto Contemporary Competition
1987 Kurashiki Craft Fair
1986 Kyoto Craft Competition International
1986 Asahi Gendai Craft , Osaka/Tokyo


2000 Grand Prix, In Our hands
1999 Excellence Award, World Craft Competition, Kanazawa
1996 Grand Prix, Itami Craft Competition
1992 Geijyutsu no Mori Crafts Award, Sapporo Geijutsunomori Craft Center
1986 Outstanding Award, Kyoto Craft Competition International
Excellence Award, Asahi Gendai Craft, Osaka
1985 Bronze Prize, Kyoto Contemporary Competition


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA
The Museum of Kyoto
Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo
Sincol Corporation
Itami City, North LC