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An Exhibition in Eskisehire, Turkey

MAY 2, 2015

The exhibition, Dialogue with Materials, that was held in Izmir in November 2014 will travel to the museum of Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey soon. TANOUE Shinya and TABUCHI Taros will have the lectures in the universitythe day after the opening reception.

Here is the foreward of the catalogue by Prof.Dr. Naci Gündoğan, Rector of Anadolu University.

Presenting the values of ancient cultures to the appreciation of other countries’ people will not only strengthen intercultural interaction, but will also help prevent the increasing major challenges that are making people more and more desperate. The artist is the mirror of his/her age, and regardless of the specific field of art, his/her artwork displays profound marks from his/her own culture. Viewed closely, these marks can be seen to stem from almost the same inner pain whose roots wrap around the whole world. No matter which culture it belongs to, today the artist expresses the same inner pain. While the past is carried to the present via the artwork, what is reflected both in the past and today is the wish of humankind to live in a better world. This is the common call from humanity.

The artwork pieces that will be displayed in the Modern Arts Museum of our university in May at the Modern Japanese Fine Arts and Handcrafts Exhibit’ titled ‘Materials with Dialogue’ should be seen as the reflections of humans’ great civilization dream in another ancient culture.

Anadolu University strives to transfer such human heritage from the local to the universal and from the universal to the local, through this type of cultural activities that it carries out by its own means. Hoping to receive the appreciation that it indeed deserves, I'd like to thank all that have made this exhibit possible.

Prof.Dr. Naci Gündoğan Rector of Anadolu University

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An Exhibition in Izmir Turkey

November 17, 2014

Dialogue with Materials: Contemporary Fine Japanese Arts and Crafts at Ahmed Adnan Saygun Sanat Merkezi in Izmir Turkey

The sophisticated designs and superlative techniques of Japanese crafts have long been appreciated as among the finest and most distinctive in the world. In Japan these traditions have been passed down through many generations over the centuries, and younger generations of craftspeople continue to preserve these legacies. However, from the end of the 20th century to the beginning of the 21st century traditional craftsmanship has undergone revolutionary developments and changes in all traditional media, such as ceramics, lacquer, textile, metal and paper . Dialogue with Materials will reveal some of the finest examples of contemporary Japanese craftsmanship and the evolution of Japanese craft as fine art. From November 24th to December 13th, 2014, all five of the AASSM galleries will be filled with new, contemporary expressions in traditional media, including ceramics, lacquer, textiles and paper. These exhibitions by Keiko Art International, Japan, will display the works of twenty eight outstanding young Japanese artists who represent the cutting edge of contemporary Japanese craftsmanship. Each of these young artist is recognizably rooted in tradition and exceptionally well trained as well as gifted. Each of them has mastered traditional techniques in order to be able to freely express their imaginative ideas in new forms. In recent years contemporary Japanese craftsmanship has drawn serious and enthusiastic international attention, and we are deeply grateful to AASSM for hosting the exhibition, Dialogue with Materials: Contemporary Fine Japanese Arts and Crafts.

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March 2, 2014

The gallery Yakimono in Paris will host the exhibition for three lacquer artists, KURIMOTO Natsuki, SASAI Fumie and IGAWA Takeshi. The lecture by three artists will be held at American University of Paris on March 28th from 17:30 – 19:00.

Three artists can’t attend the opening reception on March 22, but I will join the reception. So if someone who will be in Paris around that date, I am very looking forward to seeing you.

Colors and Shapes of Japanese Contemporary Art Urushi
KURIMOTO Natsuki, SASAI Fumie, IGAWA Takeshi
March 22 – April 5, 2014

Opening Reception: March 22, 15:00 – 18:00
at Gallery Yakimono

Lecture: March 28, 17:30 – 19:00
at American University of Paris

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New Online Exhibition

February 10, 2014

The new online Exhibition, Wood-fired White Porcelain by TABUCHI Taro, was started.

For a while after graduating from Osaka University of Art in 2000, TABUCHI Taro was primarily firing his porcelain sculptures and vessels in a gas kiln at his studio in the countryside of Kagawa Prefecture. Increasingly he was interested in making a significant change—building and firing his work in a wood-fired anagama kiln, which he completed in 2007

After a lengthy period of trial and error, he finally began to get the results he sought—beautiful accidental surface patterns and colorations created by the falling ash, fire and smoke inside the wood-fired kiln.

Among only a few other Japanese ceramic artists, this unique wood-firing of white porcelain is what now distinguishes Tabuchi’s work.

For this first online exhibition of Tabuchi Taro’s work, we have created a brief film that illustrates his processes of throwing, hand building and firing, and on his exhibition page we illustrate five of his most recent works-- two sculptures and three vessel forms.

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New Online Exhibition

November 15, 2013

The new online Exhibition, Ultimate Elaboration: Ceramic Sculpture by INAZAKI ERIKO, was started.

INAZAKI Eriko, who resides in Takamatsu City has been creating amazingly detailed ceramic sculptures since 1993. Her sculptures are composed of thousands of porcelain micro parts, all made by hand. How small are these parts? The little balls of porcelain are the size of poppy seeds, and the thin rods are like the small bones of a sardine. It is not surprising, therefore, that it takes several months to complete one sculpture, even though she can make one thousand of these small components in a single day. Most of Inazaki’s sculptures are reminiscent of flora and fauna, and even coral, but recently her style has moved toward a very different conceptual direction. She says that we have long understood that many machines familiar to our everyday lives can have artificial intelligence. To Inazaki the millions of tiny parts of these machines look like cells and, to her, the machines often seem like living creatures. She wanted to create something that seemed to be given the breath of life, like human beings. For this online exhibition, we have created a brief film that illustrates her complicated processes which will hopefully clarify the manner in which she creates her sculptures.

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New Artist

September 25, 2013

A new page for the talented painter, OSAWA Takuya, was added. Although Osawa is challenging to create his paintings with several different materials, one of the most unusual materials is lacquer. He calls this style “Shikkoga” (lacquer and hide-glue painting). So the new page is listed in the lacquer category. His different style of painting which are relatively closer to the traditional Japanese painting will be added into the painting category soon. This is the link to his own site.

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The exhibition in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria

July 16, 2013

I just came back from Bulgaria, because I was working as a co-curator for the exhibition in the History Museum in Pavlikeni, Bulgaria,

Our artists, Kawabata Kentaro, Niisato Akio, Tabuchi Taro, Takeuchi Kouzo and Tanoue Shinya are included in this exhibition .
The photos are listed on our blog.


Welcome to our new website!

June 21, 2013

A graphic designer, Yoshiko Doi and I had been working really hard to create the new website since January 2013 and it was finally completed.

The most innovative part of this new website is the online exhibition. The production process for the artworks was filmed and listed on the exhibition page as well as the ambitious artworks by the artists. I am very satisfied this film and want to express my appreciation to the photographer, Yusuke SUZAUKI (USK Photography) , the composer, Chikara AOSHIMA (chikaraaoshima.com) who both spent an extraordinary amount of time and effort on this project...

The first online exhibition is for the lacquer artist, IGAWA Takeshi. We’d very much appreciate if you could give us some feedback on this project to info@keikoartinternational.com

— Keiko Fukai