Introducing Contemporary Lacquer
SANO Akira   SASAI Fumie   SOMEYA Satoshi   KURIMOTO Natsuki   YOSHINO Takamasa

Since its opening in 2003, Keiko Gallery in Boston had featured works of art which make use of urushi (Japanese lacquer). Though the Gallery was closed and I moved back to Japan in 2013, I am still passionate to introduce contemporary lacquer works in my new business, Keiko Art International.

Perhaps there has been limited familiarity with lacquer ware in western countries, so our team created the films which show the production processes for lacquer works. I hope that they help to understand how they are executed. Those of us at Keiko Art International believe that the new website will give us a timely opportunity to introduce many people to the beauty of contemporary Japanese lacquer art and the innovative concepts of some of the finest lacquer artists.