Metal Sculpture: Narrative Expressions / IWAISAKO Yoshiro

The first impression of Iwaisako Yoshiro's metal sculptures is indeed a fascination towards the remarkable expressions and gestures of the animals depicted. They are full of humor, irony, and satire, and present viewers with numerous suggestions and questions. Through taking the time to engage with the work, one realizes that there are an amazing amount of detail in both the craftsmanship and technique. In this way, viewers find themselves completely absorbed in Iwaisako's world.

The base forms of the work are made of resin. Then, hats, clothes, accessories, vehicles, and other decorative aspects are added using the technique of metal engraving. It is a work of art that is replete with traditional craft elements, yet also encourages us viewers to contemplate the questions that the artist presents to us with an air of humor.

—FUKAI Keiko

The works are created from metal sheets such as copper and brass, using a technique referred to as metal engraving. Then, they are finished by combining them with base forms made out of resin.

Employing the characteristics of animals such as dogs, pigs, rats, monkeys, etc. as motifs, I create my works as if weaving together narratives, parables, or satires. Rather than creating realistic animals, I almost find myself going back and forth between people and animals, thinking about how animals with human-like will and intent would act and look.

I've made a series of animals adorned in armor, leather jackets and suits, and recently I've been working on animals riding cars and motorcycles in hope to broaden my range of expression. I pay great attention to the emotional expression of the animals, and I also always try to add unexpected details to them. I would be very pleased if those who purchase my work notice certain devices that may take them by surprise when they bring it to their home.